Monday, June 1, 2015

Bally Twilight Zone pinball mods and repairs

Twilight Zone might be the most popular game collectors have in their collection, so it's no surprise I eventually ended up with one. There is no unsung praise to give it. It's the perfect combination of depth, innovation, crazy toys, and theme tied together with fantastic art and sound. It sure was a beast to shop out though. Much more laborious than Star Trek: The Next Generation if you ask me (both games being commonly considered among the "hardest" to shop). The whole table is a jigsaw puzzle. The mini-playfield, accompanying wireform, right ramp, metal lock assembly, and even the clock are all packed in there tightly. If one piece is out of place, the whole game won't go back together perfectly. It's once fancy game though, and surely worth the effort. Here's my experience so far with Twilight Zone.